Our security alarms and systems offer real-time protection for your Sunshine Coast Home or Business.

Security Alarms Panel

In the domain of modern security alarm systems, the control panel plays a pivotal role as the central brain of the security setup. We offer security alarms from Bosch, Tecom, Inner Range, Ajax and Reliance who have made significant engineering efforts and investments in refining this critical component of the modern security controller, offering a range of features tailored to address diverse security requirements. These control panels seamlessly blend advanced electronics to ensure reliability, ultimately safeguarding home and business.

Whether it's ensuring the safety and peace of mind for a Sunshine Coast residential household or overseeing complex security needs of a commercial facility, these control panels offer extended feature sets and robust performance for years to come. Our professional alarm installers are certified to design and install security alarms in any settings.

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Alarm Sensors

Alarm sensors, though simple, play a vital role in intrusion detection and response. Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, known for their reliability and versatility, detect changes in infrared radiation to spot moving objects within their field of view

Alarm sensors are available in both wired and wireless forms, each offering distinct benefits. Wired sensors, connected via physical cabling to the control panel, are renowned for their robust and secure connections, making them a preferred choice in commercial settings due to their reliability. They can cover extensive areas, and their consistent performance is vital for 24/7 security needs.

Wireless alarm sensors, on the other hand, offer a higher degree of flexibility and ease of installation. They communicate with the control panel using radio signals, eliminating the need for extensive wiring.  We use Bosch Blue line and Paradox wired and wireless PIRs which are sufficient in most scenarios.

Additional sensor types include reed switches, which monitor doors and windows. The wireless glass break detectors pick up sound and vibration of the shattered glass, safeguarding windows and glass doors.

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Alarm Keypads

Alarm system user interfaces are the gateways through which users interact with and control their security systems. These interfaces come in various forms, catering to different preferences and requirements. 

Keypads are a prevalent choice for alarm system interfaces, equipped with LCD menus for tasks such as code entry, panel configuration, user settings, and reporting. Advanced keypads may also include keyfob scanners for convenient keyfob-based arming and disarming

Modern alarm systems employ user-friendly remote apps, connecting users to their control panels via smartphones, tablets, or computers. This enables real-time situational awareness, including alarm monitoring, panel and zone status checks, event log access, and instant alert reception for swift security incident responses. Many alarm manufacturers provide free cloud-based hosting for these apps, ensuring seamless accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, enhancing security and peace of mind

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Back-to-Base Comms

Effective, secure communication is at the core of any security alarm system, ensuring timely reporting and monitoring of security events. Various technologies and methods facilitate this crucial function, allowing seamless transmission of data to Class 1 alarm monitoring centres. Leading brands like Inner Range and Bosch incorporate these technologies to enhance security systems. We offer monitoring plans for Australian customers.

Encrypted communication safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of data, while Infinity Class 5 signifies a high level of security and advanced features. Multipath communication enhances reliability and resilience by using multiple communication channels simultaneously, ensuring that alarm signals reach the monitoring centre promptly and reliably. Renowned Direct Wireless, Multipath and Permaconn alarm alert and collection and distribution technologies collectively contribute to the effectiveness and security of modern security alarm systems.

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