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Vextra Security is dedicated to providing advanced electronic security and video surveillance products. We are experienced in technical scoping, design and deployment of intelligent Alarm, IP CCTV and Intercom solutions for property developers, builders, retail, home owners, healthcare organizations, educational facilities, and government agencies. With our strong electronics, network engineering and project management background, understanding of system integration process and partnering with trusted vendors we are enabled to build sophisticated security hardware and software platforms for various applications. In addition to our core security business we are capable of IT procurement and integration.

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with our advanced IP CCTV and ALARM security systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Vextra Security brings the best protection for your home or business. We selected Bosch alarm panels for their highly reliable and stable electronics, wide array of features and versatility that will give you piece of mind for years to come. Our professional installers will secure your property with the most advanced technology. You can rely on the household brand name and our passion to consistently delivery the best service.

IP CCTV & Video Analytics

When combined with Intrusion Alarms the Video Surveillance technology adds an extra layer of protection towards any illegal activities that happen around the business and residence. We offer Cloud Video Archive subscription service to our business clients who need to have a long-term video content storage and 100% availability of an evidence. Our value add VMS, NVR & Camera kits are suitable for indoor and outdoor deployments. Depending on your security needs and budget we will help you to choose the suitable system, package or plan.

hikvision intercom
IP Video-Audio Intercom

Audio-Video Intercom plays a significant role in overall home security and workplace safety. The versatility of the IP based intercom allows for vast range of IP enabled features like SIP, 24/7 recording, unicast, multicast and email alerts. There’s no expensive, hard-wired, custom-cable multi-pair infrastructure to deal with. Using a standard Ethernet backbone, IP intercom saves on cost, space, and installation time, and eliminates special plug-in cards altogether. It is a must-buy investment! Vextra Security supplies and installs IP intercom hardware from a few trustworthy brands Hikvision, Aiphone, Bticino and Dahua.

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Effective electronic security protects your family, employees and assets. Considering the variety of risks you face as a private home owner or business, it is of first importance that your security system is sensitive to every threat, and fully integrated to provide a complete security solution.

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How we work

1 We think proactively to serve a good cause. We engage with a customer and attentively listen to create a workable, quality security solution. All our personnel participating in installation and service activities are fully trained, accredited and licensed to operate. We take pride in our culture of perpetual learning that is one of the cornerstones of Vextra Security.
2 We professionally plan our activities and committed to the delivery time frames. The scheduling may involve the quotation, site audit, solution demo, third party security assessment, custom design, appointment, installation and user training. We'll provide an optimised and cost effective security solution, giving our clients an opportunity to prevent most, if not all, potential security threats.
3We will seamlessly deploy, configure and test the installed system. The handover to a client is not just a sign off it is a process which involves a final demonstration and user level training. We want our customers to be confident and practical in getting most out of the deployed solution.
4 We are very approachable and responsible business. That means we are here to help resolve faults, keep up with the software and firmware releases through scheduled upgrade and install additional hardware when required. We offer well priced service maintenance and extended 3 year warranty plans to provide continuous support every day of the year.

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