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Intercom Systems

In business environment, intercom systems serve as the primary interface for visitor communication. Upon arrival, visitors use the intercom to reach out to the relevant party by selecting them from the property directory. A simple button press enables direct communication with the tenant or the company’s front desk. The tenant, receiving the call on a substation device or smartphone, can then engage with the visitor or remotely open the door.

A significant development in this domain is the rise of IP digital intercom systems. Utilizing internet protocol, these systems secure transmit audio and video with enhanced clarity and reduced interference, marking a substantial upgrade from traditional analogue systems. IP intercoms excel in quality, reliability, and ease of integration with existing IP networks, offering scalability to include more units or buildings. Their remote accessibility provides convenience and flexibility for both administrators and tenants. Moreover, these systems are often equipped with advanced functionalities like integrated access control and visitor logging, positioning them as comprehensive solutions for contemporary building communication requirements.

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