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Security Assessment

A property security assessment involves evaluating the vulnerabilities and risks associated with physical assets such as buildings, facilities, and premises. Our recomendations will empower clients to make informed security investment decisions.

Initial Site Visit and Survey

We will conduct an initial site visit to assess the layout, surroundings, and existing security measures of the property. A physical survey is conducted to identify potential entry points, weak spots, and areas of concern.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is conducted to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to the property and its surroundings. Factors such as location, crime rates, accessibility, and the value of assets are taken into consideration.

Security Needs Analysis

Our security team will work closely with the client to understand their specific security requirements, concerns, and objectives and assess
factors such as the type of property or industries (residential, commercial, industrial), operating hours, occupancy levels, and regulatory requirements.

Technology Evaluation

The assessment includes an evaluation of existing security technology and infrastructure, if any. This may involve reviewing CCTV systems, access control, alarm systems, lighting, and physical barriers.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is conducted to identify any shortcomings or deficiencies in the current security measures. This involves comparing the existing security posture against industry best practices and standards.


We will produce a report, outlining risks, vulnerabilities, and recommended security measures. This report covers security systems, physical enhancements, procedural changes, and staff training.

Design and Planning

Electronic Security Design and Planning is a collaborative process between security experts and clients, focusing on developing customised security solutions.

Site Assessment

We will attend the complex sites to review vulnerabilities, assess existing security infrastructure (if any), and in consulation with the client propose optimal locations for installing electronic security devices such as cameras, sensors, access control points, and alarm systems.


We will accept customer's security assessment report and offer best solution addressing electronic security measures. We will also use our site survey report to produce an engineering proposal covering solution design, technical specifications and cost breakdown.

Project Planning

Our project manager will allocate internal and external resources, produce project plan outlining the scope of work, timeline and key milestones for the implementation of the proposed security solution.

Compliance and Permits

We will ensure that the proposed system meets applicable legal requirements and follows recommended guidelines for security design and implementation. During the planning and site preparation phase we will obtain all required permits to carry out planned work and gain approvals form building owners.


Throughout the design and planning phase, detailed documentation is created to capture the project requirements, design specifications, system configurations, equipment lists, wiring diagrams, and other relevant information. As-built site documentation will be handed over at completion.

System Integration

Security system integration is a critical process that enhances the effectiveness of various security components, such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, and alarms, by seamlessly connecting them and enabling centralised monitoring and management.

Install Infrustructure

Our team of certified and licensed technicians is skilled in deploying essential data, security, and power cabling. They will expertly install cameras, alarms, access control systems, intercoms, sensors, and access control readers at predetermined locations in accordance with the approved plan.


Our commissioning experts will configure end equipment to match your specific requirements and your network infrastructure. This process may envolve setting up secure VLANs to segregate camera traffic from other network data, allocating storage space on local servers, configuring on-premises or cloud-based Video Management Systems (VMS), and creating user accounts, policies, and FOB cards as needed.

System Integration

When required, we seamlessly integrate existing security systems, including access control, with the newly deployed platforms. As part of this process, we ensure that reporting and monitoring services securely connect to the customer's security monitoring platforms or third-party specialised systems.

Solution Testing

We will conduct thorough testing of integrated components to ensure proper functionality and demonstrate this to the client for final acceptance. We will handover test checklists, configuration settings, user manuals, maintenance procedures, and explain warranty terms.

Customer Training

We provide comprehensive training to security personnel and administrators on system usage. We will handover test checklists, configuration settings, user manuals, maintenance procedures, and explain warranty terms.

Support and Maintenance

Ensuring that electronic and CCTV security systems remain reliable, resilient, and effective in protecting clients' assets and premises against security threats is our primary goal.

Preventive Maintenance

When maintenance contract is in place the customer can be assured that we will come to their sites and conduct routine inspections of the cameras, sensors, control panels, cables, and connections. We will look for signs of physical damage, wear and tear, corrosion, or tampering. When required, we will adjust the alignment and positioning of cameras for optimal coverage and visibility.

Software Updates

We diligently track the software release announcements from vendors. These updates, supplied by the manufacturer, are frequently necessary to tackle security vulnerabilities, boost performance, and introduce new functionalities. We will collaborate with clients to determine the optimal timing for implementing these updates.

Emergency Response

We provide comprehensive emergency response plans for critical situations like system failures, security breaches, lock-outs, and lost configurations. With our 24/7 hotline, customers have access to immediate support. We aim to resolve issues remotely using client-granted access, yet remain prepared for on-site assistance.

Helpdesk Services

Our clients value our skilled and dedicated customer support, capable of resolving technical issues, answering questions, and offering guidance on system operation and maintenance. We provide remote assistance, troubleshoot over the phone, and schedule non-critical on-site visits, ensuring comprehensive support.


Customers will receive records of preventive maintenance activities, which include inspection reports, maintenance schedules, service records, and equipment inventory. Additionally, any issues identified during inspections will be documented, along with the corrective actions taken and recommendations for future improvements.

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