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Vextra Security can deploy and configure Milestone Systems Video Management Software (VMS) that offers open platform software pre-built in hardware product. The Husky range of standalone and racked Network Video Recorders are worth considering if you prefer to buy Milestone-in-a-box instead of sourcing a separate PC/server.

The Husky NVR range delivers stable and high performance CCTV recording suitable for a wide variety of applications, small and large.

Milestone supply a three year Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) with every Husky model as standard, providing access to updates and new features without a further charge, meaning your Husky system is always up to date.

Our certified Milestone Professionals will  design, demonstrate, install and support your chosen Husky platform.

Why choose a Milestone Husky NVR solution?

  • Fast to deploy and ready-to-use in just a few minutes
  • User-friendly, plug-and-play solution
  • Perfect match between reliable, industry-leading software and industrial grade hardware
  • Installed with Milestone video management software (VMS), proven in thousands of installations worldwide
  • A selection of performance-optimized solutions designed to suit a range of user needs
  • Flexible viewing clients for on-the-go and remote access
  • Use Milestone Interconnect™ to connect Milestone Husky NVRs at remote sites to XProtect® Corporate for centralized management
  • Connect multiple Milestone Husky M30 or M50s with a master/slave configuration and view video from all connected cameras by simply connecting to the master server
  • Choose from more than 50 preconfigured options and use add-on licensing for a customized solution
  • M30 and M50 are compatible with XProtect Smart Client®, all XProtect add-ons and third-party integrations to create a wide variety of business solutions
  • Includes free Customer Dashboard to enable your installer to monitor the health of your system and proactively resolve technical issues.


Main Features

The Milestone Husky M20 is a standalone and rack mountable network video recorder (NVR) with support for up to 32 cameras and comes pre-loaded with an NVR-optimized version of XProtect® Professional.


  • Milestone custom design
  • Integrated managed 8/16 PoE switch 
  • Can be connected to other XProtect in Master/Slave
  • Smart Start for camera auto discovery
  • Auto IP allocation
  • Auto storage allocation for connected cameras
  • Auto assignment of cameras to views in XProtect
  • Hard disk support 200Mbps recording rate
  • Front replaceable harddrives
  • 4 x integrated I/O ports for alarm use or door control
  • Three-year hardware warranty
  • Three-year SUP included

Milestone Husky M30 is a customizable workstation appliance embedded with XProtect video management software (VMS) designed for workstation installations with comprehensive surveillance needs.


  •  Greater surveillance functionality
  • Auto camera discovery
  • Powerful monitoring with XProtect® Smart Client
  • Remote access via XProtect® Web Client
  • On-the-go surveillance with Milestone Mobile
  • Three-year SUP included
  • Ability to connect multiple Milestone Husky M30 or M50s
  • i5 or i7 CPU processing power
  • Supports up to 20 cameras
  • Up to 4TB recording capacity
  • Supports up to two high resolution monitors
  • Three-year hardware warranty

Milestone Husky M50 Milestone NVR is a premium, rack-mounted unit with advanced XProtect VMS preloaded and configured for greater performance, storage capacity and reliability for advanced installations with sophisticated surveillance needs.


  • Can record up to 24TB from up to 80 cameras.
  •  Scalable & customisable
  •  Plug-and-play
  • Advanced surveillance functionality
  • Auto camera discovery
  • Powerful monitoring with XProtect Smart Client
  • Remote access via XProtect Web Client
  • On-the-go surveillance with Milestone Mobile
  • Three-year SUP included
  • Ability to connect multiple Milestone Husky M30 or M50s
  • i7 CPU processing power
  • Supports up to two high resolution monitor
  • Optional RAID storage
  • Three-year hardware warranty

The Milestone Husky M500 Advanced NVR goes beyond the ordinary all-in-one network video recorders (NVRs). Designed in a 2U rack form factor, the M500A is a purpose built high-density surveillance recording hardware platform. Preloaded with Milestone XProtect Expert VMS software


  • 2 x GE Ports
  • Configurable maximum storage 8TB / 16TB/ 32TB/ 48TB
  • 600 Mb/s recording rate
  • Supports up to 512 HD cameras
  • RAID Controller
  • Flexible licensing of either XProtect Expert or XProtect Corporate software
  • Hardware optimized advanced VMS functions
  • Full system NVR redundancy with hot or cold failover recording servers
  • Real-time device load optimization with hardware move functionality
  • Extend video storage with archiving to 3rd party NAS storage units
  • Software license portability
  • Free upgrades to current Milestone XProtect Software
  • Three-year hardware warranty
  • Three-year Care Plus and SUP





How we work

1 We think proactively to serve a good cause. We engage with a customer and attentively listen to create a workable, quality security solution. All our personnel participating in installation and service activities are fully trained, accredited and licensed to operate. We take pride in our culture of perpetual learning that is one of the cornerstones of Vextra Security.
2 We professionally plan our activities and committed to the delivery time frames. The scheduling may involve the quotation, site audit, solution demo, third party security assessment, custom design, appointment, installation and user training. We'll provide an optimised and cost effective security solution, giving our clients an opportunity to prevent most, if not all, potential security threats.
3We will seamlessly deploy, configure and test the installed system. The handover to a client is not just a sign off it is a process which involves a final demonstration and user level training. We want our customers to be confident and practical in getting most out of the deployed solution. We are capable of IT procurement and integration in addition to our core security business.
4 We are very approachable and responsible business. That means we are here to help resolve faults, keep up with the software and firmware releases through scheduled upgrade and install additional hardware when required. We offer well priced service maintenance and extended 3 year warranty plans to provide continuous support every day of the year.

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