Milestone xProtect Transact

The value add package improves profit margins with fraud detection that integrates POS or ATM data with digital video images of the transactions.

xProtect Transact is a powerful tool to search and view transaction data that is time-linked with video recordings of  the transaction activities. It is an add-on product that takes advantage of the advanced functionality of xProtect Basis+, Professional or Enterprise – the leading open platform IP video software on the market today.

Together, you get a total solution to handle your video surveillance for protection against theft, and integration with transactions for clear evidence of fraud or errors.

xProtect Transact can provide answers to questions like:

  • Did the employee enter the right amount for the products visible on the counter?
  • Were all the items scanned at the register?
  • Was a returned item handled properly?
  • Was the employee discount given to a friend?
  • If a stolen card was discovered to be in use, what did the customer look like?

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