You will appreciate the comfort of knowing of what is going on at your Bosch Security equipped premises by allowing an internet remote alarm monitoring right to your smartphone. We, in Vextra Security have a few highly reliable and cost effective monitoring options for you to choose from. The choice of the option depends on the alarm panel you purchased.

Security control for Solution 2000 & 3000

The Remote Security Control (RSC) app by Bosch allows users to control their security system remotely from their smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

The users are enabled to:

  • Get real time security system status
  • Turn the security system On or Off
  • Turn areas or outputs On or Off
  • Remotely lock or unlock doors
  • View active alarm and trouble conditions
  • View live video from integrated Bosch IP cameras

  • What is required to achieve that:

  • Port forwarding on Internet router
  • Dynamic DNS hosting
  • Free Bosch's RSC App

  • iFOB remote control for Solution 6000

    This option is applicable to the flagship Solution 6000 alarm panel only. A third party provider authorised by Bosch will enable a fully featured user level access to your panel. The iFob Control app provides real time control and feedback, arm disarm, status requests, operate an output, unlock doors and many more. Day to day functions can be performed from virtually anywhere in the world using your mobile smart device. There are basic and premium subscription plans at the cost which is miniscular comparing to a 24/7 manned monitoing service. You are in full user level control of your home or business security system.

  • View & control single or multisite
  • View & control multiple areas on each site
  • Operate doors & control outputs
  • Remote panic button
  • iFob app supports configured user restrictions
  • View & control panel history log
  • No need for DDNS and port forwarding
  • Installer contact information display
  • Zone bypass supported
  • View system issues
  • Low cost
  • iOS/Android support
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