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Vextra Security offers a range of VMS packages and Video Analytics applications from Bosch to complement  Bosch NVR and IP cameras. Vextra Security will design, demonstrate and integrate the turn-key CCTV solutions that include highly advanced Bosch VMS and Analytics software.

The Bosch Video Management System is a unique enterprise IP video security solution that provides seamless management of digital video, audio, and data across any IP network. It provides the best VMS to go with Bosch CCTV devices, leveraging the unique capabilities of Bosch cameras and recording solutions. It nevertheless offers interfaces and standards to integrate other systems and manufacturers.

The system is equipped with a unique embedded resilience. It keeps operations up and running even when both, Management and Recording Servers fail. On edge intelligent Video Analyses and the unmatched recording technology managing up to 2000 cameras (including up to 500 ONVIF cameras) with a single server dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership. The Bosch Video Management System allows a very flexible system design.

The Bosch Video Management System is installed on a Microsoft Windows Operating System. We recommend using Bosch Workstations and Servers. They are fully tested and optimized for Bosch Video Management System. In addition to the Bosch ST standard terms and conditions of sale, the Bosch Software Maintenance Agreement is a great option to keep the VMS always up to date. 

Features and Software components:

  • Management Server provides management, monitoring, and control of the entire system

  • Enterprise Management Server provides access to multiple Management Servers

  • Video Recording Manager (VRM) provides recording and playback management of video, audio, and data

  • Configuration Client software provides user interface for system configuration and management

  • Config Wizard software provides easy and fast setup of a small recording system when using the BVMS Appliance like Divar IP 3000/5000

  • Operator Client software provides intuitive user interface for system monitoring and operation

  • Mobile Video Service provides a transcoding service. It transcodes the live and recorded video stream from a configured camera according to the available network bandwidth

  • Mobile App (iPhone or iPad): Access live and playback video from remote in single or quad-view. Alert and share live video from mobile camera with other security staff with a single click. App available in AppStore

  • Web Client: Access live and playback video from remote in single or quad-view. Search for text data and trigger export of videos on Management Server

  • Bosch Video Streaming Gateway: Bosch cameras, ONVIF cameras, JPEG cameras, RTSP encoders

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1 We think proactively to serve a good cause. We engage with a customer and attentively listen to create a workable, quality security solution. All our personnel participating in installation and service activities are fully trained, accredited and licensed to operate. We take pride in our culture of perpetual learning that is one of the cornerstones of Vextra Security.
2 We professionally plan our activities and committed to the delivery time frames. The scheduling may involve the quotation, site audit, solution demo, third party security assessment, custom design, appointment, installation and user training. We'll provide an optimised and cost effective security solution, giving our clients an opportunity to prevent most, if not all, potential security threats.
3We will seamlessly deploy, configure and test the installed system. The handover to a client is not just a sign off it is a process which involves a final demonstration and user level training. We want our customers to be confident and practical in getting most out of the deployed solution. We are capable of IT procurement and integration in addition to our core security business.
4 We are very approachable and responsible business. That means we are here to help resolve faults, keep up with the software and firmware releases through scheduled upgrade and install additional hardware when required. We offer well priced service maintenance and extended 3 year warranty plans to provide continuous support every day of the year.

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